The definition of practical completion

Problem:  What is your definition of practical completion?  The times I have had this argument with my client’s and / or their professional team is numerous.  From my perspective, I consider that the contract administrator should certify completion providing most of the major work is completed – if there are what I call ‘snags’ and small amounts of work still to be carried out, then practical completion should still be issued.  

Understanding critical path programmes

Problem:  I work for a well known retailer as a building surveyor in the procurement department.  I have recently read an article on delays in the construction industry and the importance of having a well-thought out construction programme from the outset, including identifying the activities on the critical path of the programme.  I am now eager to start insisting on such detailed programmes from our contractors.

Customer refusing access to complete the works

Can a customer refuse to allow my fitter to complete a job? Problem:  Hi. I hope you can advise me on where my company legally stands with a customer.  The sum involved is small, but it is the principle of the matter as the customer has been an absolutely nightmare to deal with. My company recently fitted a new bathroom.  All finished, except for a purpose made mirror, which arrived damaged and had to be “Customer refusing access to complete the works”

Email hacking in the construction industry – who is liable?

Slightly different to my usual column – I have decided to write an article on email fraud as over the past couple of years, a number of clients have approached me who are concerned about email fraud; some because they have received electronic communications from fraudsters that appear convincing, whilst others have been the victim of fraud through their email accounts. Payment by cheque is fast disappearing, replaced by electronic funds transfers (EFTs).  However, despite “Email hacking in the construction industry – who is liable?”