Tribunal Appointments

Michael Gerard is a dual-qualified lawyer and chartered building professional and he is frequently appointed as an adjudicator or in some other third party role.

Michael Gerard is appointed to the panels of the nominating bodies such as for the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators (CIArb) and the Royal Institution of British Architects (RIBA). 

In addition, Michael Gerard, also accepts being named under a contract and direct appointments from the parties.  By naming Michael Gerard to act as an adjudicator, the parties know that they are in safe and competent hands.  Upon every appointment, Michael ensures that:

  • there is no conflict of interest;
  • he acts with all speed;
  • he acts proficiently and competently;
  • the matter is treated in the strictest confidence;
  • the he will give clear directions and guidance as to the conduct of the case and timescales; 
  • he will treat each Party fairly and with respect; 
  • he will act in a manner which properly balances the need for fairness and justice with the objective of minimising time and cost.

Should you need to appoint Michael Gerard as an adjudicator or in some other third party role, please contact us.

For more information, please call us on 01858 414 290 or alternatively, send us a message.